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Dr Jean-Louis Tayot

Khorionyx is a R&D biomedical company founded in 2003 with the objective of developing innovative medical applications based upon human globin.

Peripheral blood is the most accessible human tissue, from which hemoglobin can be quickly and easily prepared. This makes it particularly attractive as a source of autologous or allogenic biomaterials.

Globin is the protein derived from human hemoglobin after removal of its red pigment. Like collagen, globin is insoluble in physiological conditions, stays where it is implanted and is progressively colonized by fibroblasts and replaced by new collagen fibres. In addition, human globin brings other unique properties to develop bioactive implants. Among them, the broad and potent bactericidal properties of the globin implant against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria make possible to keep the implanted area in a sterile environment.

The priority of Khorionyx is to develop the aesthetic application of the autologous globin dermal filler for soft tissue augmentation. The corresponding I.N.D. has been granted by FDA to start the first pilot clinical study in USA. It will demonstrate the safety and the efficacy of this new bioactive dermal filler. Other medical applications are possible in significant markets like wound healing or bone repair.

Globin can also be used to prepare composite biomaterials to improve their biointegration and prevent local infection after surgery.