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Mode of Action
Wound Healing Properties
Mode of Action

Different preclinical studies were carried out with porcine Globin which was intradermally injected in pigs (in homologous situation).

At 1 month, the Globin implant does stimulate a local tissue ingrowth, characterized by the presence of fibroblasts in the porosity of the Globin mass which is still present and stained in red by the histological technique. These fibroblasts are responsible for an active collagen synthesis in grey/blue, which is easily visible due to the colour contrast within the Globin residual mass.

See the histological results at one month for two series of experiments. No inflammatory reaction is observed at this stage.The Globin implant is progressively degraded and disappears after 3 months at the same rate as the porcine collagen control, where it is replaced by a dense collagen network.

 Experiment 1

 Experiment 2