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Why Selecting Globin?
Shortcomings of Current Biomaterials
Studies on Collagen
Background & Expertise
Khorionyx has gained a unique experience in elaborating natural biological products. These products address the limits and shortcomings of current biopolymers and derived biomaterials.

These innovative products can efficiently replace animal collagens and avoid the associated immune reactions and inflammation in patients.

One of the most significant breakthroughs of Khorionyx is the discovery that human globin can be used to create a new range of biomaterials and bioactive implants.

Insoluble globin can be prepared in the form of injectable pastes, powders, dry sprays, sponges or coatings from autologous blood samples or from individual blood pouches of voluntary donors.  

Globin can also be used as a complement to existing chemical polymers and biopolymers to improve their local tolerance and tissue ingrowth.

All these products and their applications are now protected by a strong and diversified portfolio of international patents.

The aim of the Khorionyx research program is to demonstrate the clinical safety and medical interest of human globin for administration to human patients. The research program covers important medical fields like: soft tissue augmentation, wound healing and bone repair.