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The Autologous Dermal Filler
Wound Healing Formulations
Composite Biomaterials
Cell Carriers
Composite Biomaterials

Composite adhesives and sealants:

The globin paste or powder can be mixed with a fibrin sealant to double its volume, without dilutive effect. This Fibrin/Globin sealant has an increased viscosity, which greatly facilitates its surgical application on sloping tissues. Chemical polymer adhesives, plugs and textile meshes may also benefit from the addition of globin by increasing their biocompatibility and tissue integration. 

1 ml of Tissucol alone 1 ml Tissucol with 1 ml of Globin Paste 1 ml Tissucol with 2 ml of Globin Paste

Composite bone substitutes:

Mineral particles like hydroxyapatite or other calcium phosphates or carbonates may be mixed with globin particles to introduce an appropriate internal porosity and to improve their osteo-conductivity and bone-ingrowth. Different preclinical applications will be studied in orthopedics and dental surgery animal models.